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Turn Food Waste Into Productive Soil

Compost Only is a food scrap pick-up service aimed at reducing food waste and promoting community composting in central Alabama.

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Foster a sustainable future by converting food scraps into nutrient-rich compost

Develop on-site composting systems tailored to the unique requirements of community gardens

Enable individuals and businesses to engage in a circular economy

Inform community members about the environmental advantages of compost over chemical fertilizers

Advocate for food sovereignty in underserved communities across Birmingham


Imagine an Alabama where every food scrap becomes a valuable resource, contributing to the growth of regenerative community agriculture.

We divert organic “waste” away from our trash cans and let Mother Nature transform it into nourishing amendments for our local farms and gardens.

Our vision is to create a closed-loop system that not only reduces landfill gasses, but also enriches our soils, supports local agriculture, and inspires a culture of sustainability.

About Us

We are John and Leah, here to share our collective dream to help bolster community resilience, food sovereignty, and healthy soils here in Alabama through a sustainable approach to waste management.

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John is a proud Birmingham native whose journey is deeply rooted in a legacy of environmental and social stewardship, inspired by his family history. His great grandfather worked alongside pioneering agricultural scientist George Washington Carver at Tuskegee. Carver's philosophy, "Take care of the waste on the farm and turn it into useful channels," serves as a foundational pillar for the mission of Compost Only. This ethos, combined with a critical examination of the unsustainable cycle of discarding valuable organic material in favor of chemical fertilizers, drives his ambition to instigate change here in his home state. With a professional background in fitness and nutrition, in addition to four years working on Capitol Hill under his belt, John has acquired a broad perspective on the changes needed to cultivate health both on an individual level and on society as a whole.

Picture of Leah

Leah brings to the team a forward thinking perspective shaped by her California upbringing and academic background in sociology at UC Berkeley. Her studies highlighted the importance of empowering communities that have historically been marginalized, inspiring a passion that took her across continents. She has spent much of the past eight years in Brazil, learning about agroforestry and the intricacies of sustainable farming firsthand. Additionally, as a hiking and cycling guide, Leah has a deep passion for the outdoors. Her upbringing in a community where green initiatives often set the precedent for the rest of the country has instilled in her a profound appreciation for the environment. Leah is so happy to be part of the team at Compost Only, because it sustains her passion for homegrown fruits and veggies, the outdoors, and living and working in community.

Together, we aim to confront the pressing challenges facing Alabama and much of the U.S. today, such as degraded soils, landfill fires, pollution, and food deserts. These issues, steeped in environmental, social, racial, and economic complexities, call for a holistic approach to change. At Compost Only, we’re not just about transforming food scraps into nutrient-rich compost; we’re about nurturing a movement that empowers communities, revitalizes our soils, and fosters a sustainable relationship with our environment. Join us at Compost Only as we cultivate a future where sustainability and community empowerment go hand in hand, laying the groundwork for a healthier, more equitable world.


Scrap Pickup Services

We will deliver and maintain your bin, help you optimize your schedule, and pickup food scraps as needed.

Pile Management

We will set up and manage your very own compost pile, customized to your specific needs.


We provide workshops and other opportunities for people and restaurant owners alike to learn about community composting.

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